Phil Bergstedt
Amateur Photography Blog

This gallery contain some of the portrait work I have done over the last 15 years.
I really enjoy working with lighting and posing techniques (click on the picture to see higher resolution).

This portrait was taken with three 500W incandescent studio bulbs. I really like the warm glow this type of lighting produces
Kayla shot with incondesent lighting and converted to black & white
Ariana Lopez lighting hair
This shot shows off Ariana's breautiful hair, the lighting worked well, a three flash shot.
Kayla Black & White
I converted this shot to black & white given the backdrop and outfit Kayla had on. Converting a portrait to black & white can really enhance the picture.
Here is another shot taken with incandescent studio bulbs. My friend Alexis makes a great model, her eyes in this shot really pop!!!
I think top lighting on this shot was a good choice, it brings out the instrument.
Alaina & Ariana Lopez in Chinese traditional Cheongsam
Ariana and Aliana in Chinese traditional "Cheongsam" (silk satin dress with high side slit). In this shot I tried to eliminate all shadows to put the focus on the dresses.
Alexis Standing
A good shot of Alexis, but needed to adjust the hands, a slight miss on posing the model.
Ariana in white dress
Ariana, great contrast here with white dress and black backdrop, showes off her legs well.
Ariana Lopez with her twin Alaina
Trying for a serious look, the twins (Ariana & Alaina) posing together, not sure it woked like I invisioned it, but still a fun shot.
Alaina & Ariana Lopez twins
Working with depth of field, Alaina in the foreground, with her twin in the background, I like the contrast.
Alaina & Ariana Lopez twins
I like this shot of Alaina with her twin sister Ariana in the background, what a great fun expression they have.
Ariana Lopez little black dress
If you could not tell, Ariana has done a lot of modeling for me… This shot was taken when working on posing, it was more by chance than skill. The expression and pose worked, accenting her great legs and tone arms!
Alaina with backlighting
This is my attempt of backlighting the model. Here I used a small flash to over drive the backdrop (this is not a Photoshop Vignette effect). I like the way it makes the hair pop in this shot.
This picture was exposed with incandescent lighting, the shot has a natural soft feel. The use of an overhead light behind the model highlights the hair and creates a shadow on the face. Ariana's eyes are captivating in this shot, it brings out their true color.