The Capet Crawlers

"The Carpet Crawlers" is a song by Genesis, from their sixth studio album "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway."

This blog is nothing more than a rant against the internet posting of lyrics and getting them wrong.
This post is just for fun and education, given it has no real importance, it is intended to be a nice distraction...

The song was released in April 1975 as the album's second single. The rich lyrical contnet has meaning. The song is about Rael, the lead character, who finds himself in a red carpeted corridor surrounded by kneeling people slowly crawling towards a wooden door. Rael dashes by them towards the door and goes through it. Behind the door is a table with a candlelit feast on it, and behind that, a spiral staircase that leads upwards out of sight.

At the end of the first verse, the last 2 lines found on most internet sites:
"There's no hiding in my memory
There's no room to avoid"
The actual lyric from 1974 as written by Peter Gabriel is:
"There's no hiding in my memory
There's no room to void"

Rael is not trying to "avoid" anything, but rather there is no more room in his memory, there is no more space to void.

If you listen to Peter sing it on the original release, it does sound a little like “avoid” given his inflection on the word “to” as he sings it. Most live recordings also sound like “avoid.” I wonder if the artists that are singing it are not understanding the meaning of the verse? Seems like there should be more inflection on "void" to bring out the meaning. Hope you have enjoyed this post and give the song a listen, it is one of my favorites!

The lryics are clearly printed on the album covers, it's just not that hard to get it right, see pictures below:


Image taken from vinyl cover